Sue Greenwald for City Council -- A Record You Can Trust
A   Record You Can Trust
From 2008 Campaign
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“Our planning decisions have a profound effect on the quality of our lives. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to make those planning decisions that will keep Davis a unique and wonderful town.”

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As your Mayor, and as your City Councilmember for the last eight years I have voted to:

check mark Protect and improve all of our neighborhoods

check mark Slow our residential growth

check mark Provide needed student housing

check mark Promote arts and entertainment downtown both to stimulate business and to enhance our lives

check mark Protect habitat and agricultural land, and re-establish Davis as a leader in environmentally innovative planning

check mark Impose greater fiscal accountability and promote high quality economic development

check markSupport Davis’ tradition of excellent schools and respect for diversity and commitment to human rights

check mark Keep Davis a uniquely livable town

Today I renew these commitments

Sue always puts the needs of citizens first when it comes to city planning and budget decisions.
                 --G Richard Yamagata,
                           34 years a citizen of Davis
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For further information
Sue Greenwald (756-5831), Philip King
or G. Richard Yamagata (753-9750),

Philip King • treasurer • 1520 East Covell Blvd., PMB #345 Davis, CA 95616

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